Liminal Lands was an interdisciplinary project for MA and PHD students affiliated with the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Film Studies, the Centre for International Borders Research and the Interdisciplinary Arts MA at Queen's University Belfast, as well as the School of Art and Design at University of Ulster.


The project explored the idea of liminality and the "thresh-hold" in the context of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We were a group of ten artists travelling this border in order to generate work combining a variety of artistic practices along the way. On our return to Belfast, we devised a six hour durational performance using the material generated at The Sonic Lab in The Sonic Arts Research Centre on April 17 2010. 


The project was led by Michael Mayhew working in collaboration with Paul Stapleton, with support from a variety of artists and academics who have an interest in this particular border and/or borders in general.

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